Today is another good news day! I found out I will be graduating with a first class degree which is amazing and I’m so proud of the hard work I’ve put in and to top it off I’ve discovered that I’ve been shortlisted into the nominees to win the Rookie of the Year in the Next Gen Gaming category, fingers crossed!

So all the deadlines have passed, all work given in I have a quite a few things to look forward to, one being my birthday tomorrow!

GradEx is also coming up and I’ll be able to showcase some of my work alongside a lot of other amazing projects from other students at Staffordshire University, scheduled for the 13th May. I’m really looking forward to answering questions and speaking to industry experts and can’t wait.

Crazy day today! Woke up to find friends messaging me to tell me I’ve been featured on Kotaku! It’s been great reading everyone’s comments and now my work is spreading across the internet with places like ShackNews, TechTimes and Eurogamer picking it up. Really fantastic recognition to have and its wonderful to see such support!

Just a quick selection of articles I’ve found including the Kotaku feature!

With this project pretty much finished I thought I’d share some development images.